Friendship Magic Collective



Friendship Magic Collective is a musical and visual art collaboration between artists Gregory Eltringham and Honor Bowman Hall.

The collective recently completed a two-person residency at the On::View Residency space at Sulfur Studios, in the Starland District of Savannah. The month-long residency resulted in the production of new painted works, a developed musical set, and three hands-on community workshops in the space.

Our current ongoing collaborative project titled, “Homecoming,” is an investigation into our immediate environment. We are interested in creating visual narratives that reflect our experiences in a deeply personal and imaginative painterly language. 

Our project is a conversation between our own points of reference. At times in synch, and at times tense, we create a dialogue about our lived experiences. We employ specific painting strategies utilizing landscape, portraits, and narratives that touch on place, personal context, and transformation. This work is our response to the complex relationships and social dynamics that develop in this confined space.

The ultimate goal of this project is to create and record our own visual diaries, evidence of our existence here at this moment in time, and to foster a lasting artistic dialog and friendship.