The coloring books on this page are class collaborations created by SCAD Foundations students enrolled in my Design I course. Each class generates and agrees on a theme, and each student designs and creates a page for the book-- following guidelines based on our study of specific elements and principles of design. The table of contents is designed and created by one student in the class who volunteers to be the project manager. This student also collects a scan of each page from their classmates.

The pages of the books below are designed to demonstrate an understanding of emphasis (focal point), unity, texture/pattern and line. While each student works on their page leading up to our project critique, I create the cover art!

Please feel free to download entire books or individual pages! They were made to be colored!

-Honor Bowman Hall 

Fall quarter 2017

Book covers are acrylic and gouache on paper.

start .jpg

Fall quarter 2018

Book covers are digital drawings.

Spring quarter 2019